Friday, May 14, 2010

Erie Canal Eagle

I've looked for an eagle in Wayne County for a long time. I've read they've been spotted near Sodus Bay - surprisingly enough around Eagle Island - but haven't seen one myself. I finally saw my first "in the wild" eagle by driving to Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge in Delaware last year.

Then, we saw a few flying high at Montezuma when we made a hopeful trip there last fall. The best part of that trip was seeing the Osprey perched high over Route 31 in Savannah (see earlier post).

So finally - after seeing a picture of an eagle near the Widewaters on the canal in Port Gibson in the local papers, we happened by at the right time and saw him flying around with his entourage. He never landed, that I saw - and eagles don't seem to fly in a straight line. So these pictures were the best I could do - this time! Of course, it's arguably still not Wayne County, but Ontario County stole it from us, so it almost counts. I'll be looking for him again.

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