Saturday, October 3, 2009

Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge

Three days of cold and rain gave way to lots of thick fog rolling around the Fairgrounds about 6:30 this morning. But the skies were clear, the air was warmer and it looked like a great day to visit the Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge in Seneca Falls.

My hopes were to see some snow geese and maybe an eagle. While I enjoyed seeing my first eagle and osprey at Bombay Hook in Delaware last May, I kept hearing there were such things closer to home. Like, Eagle Island in Sodus Bay. Since the canoe still resides upstairs in the barn, and Eagle really is an island, Montezuma seemed the next best bet.

I am not an experienced birder or photographer. I can aim a camera and push the button, and think I recognize an adult Bald Eagle from pictures. From there, any and all advice appreciated.

Canada geese, with some ducks and seagulls. Love the glideway.

The big deal of the day was the sighting of a bar-head goose. A couple guys who were also gawking at the birds pointed out this really rare (in these parts) bird, and speculated that it may have escaped from a private owner or zoo. They are native to Southeast Asia, and migrate over the Himalayas.  First, my attempt at capturing it - it's the big white one in the middle:

Here's a picture and info from Audubon: Through the scope at the Visitors Center I could clearly see the bars on its head - awesome!

The only possible eagles we saw were flying pretty far away.  Here's what I saw, and maybe someone can tell me for sure if they are eagles. 

Here's a bird I really could not identify - help?!

We found the flooded field on East Road with herons, egrets and cormorants.



Of course, I take pictures of signs - and couldn't have timed this one better. Click it to get a bigger view of the bug.

And, the coolest thing we saw on the way home was this osprey, sharing a dead tree with a crow.  From Route 31 in Savannah:

A fun trip, probably a little early in the migration season for peak variety. Hope to visit again soon!


  1. First - I am alittle baffled.. "Something new" ??? And do love the sign/bug pic !

  2. nice story!! one day I will look forward to a trek to this cool place... thanks!